Simple Decoration Hacks That Will Make Your Home Super Creative Place

If you are one of those people that wants to use a set of simple hacks that will make your home more creative, you have come to the right place! Whether you think of top down bottom up shades source or about adding more plants to the living room, you should know that you are doing the right thing!

As an addition, we have prepared this article where we will share with you some of the super easy décor hacks that will make you house more beautiful!

Replace the old doorknobs

One of the places that you can start from are the doorknobs. It is very likely that you have not changed these since the doors were installed. Luckily, the process is not a hard one as you will need a measuring tape, screwdriver and a brand new doorknob. Measure the old one, write down all the dimensions so you could find the new one in the same dimensions and hit the local store.
Once you buy it, get a screwdriver and start removing the old one.

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New Room After Renovation

Remove the screws and pull apart the two parts of the doorknob. There should be a small groove that you can press with a pen to get to the screw you need to remove to take apart the knob and remove it from the door. Once done, remove the faceplate and pull the latch out. Place the new faceplate, place the front doorknob, tighten the screws, do the same with the back side of the doorknob and finally place a new strike plate!

Cover the older appliances with the wallpaper

One of the latest trends in homes where families are not really fond of buying the new appliances, at least while the old ones still work, is covering the old appliances. When you have older home appliances, especially those in the kitchen, you might want to hide them sometimes as they look ugly.

Since you considering this instead of buying the new ones, we suggest you to use a peel-and-stick-wallpaper and cover the appliance you want with it. You can use the bamboo patterns as well or any other pattern you want. Just make sure to stick it right so it is adjusted nicely.

Repaint your shelves

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One of the things you can do on your own without investing a lot of money is to repaint your shelves. This will give your room a whole new look that you will love! Depending on the material, you can start by brushing it to get rid of the old paint. Then, you can apply the new shade of color and cover it in the base material. Additionally, you can create a shining effect if you have the shelf made of metal material. After you finish this, you can add bottles, trays, glassware or anything else to occupy the space but also to add a bit of décor. This is an easy project that will not take you more than a single day!