Signs That Show You Must Get A Professional Tree Service

Trees are beautiful to see and they help you to improve your landscape and overall outdoor design. However, they do require maintenance and require you to perform tree cutting in order to ensure the health and nice look. The guys from marietta tree service had explained us that we can recognize a few signs that point out that it is the time to ask for a professional tree service.

We are going to present these in this article and if you notice these, make sure that you call the professionals.

Dead trees

One of the positive signs is the dead trees, especially when you notice the rotten trees. The rotten trees often result from poor maintenance and poor nutrition so If you notice that these become somehow decayed and “dead-like”, it is very likely that you should call the professionals to get rid of these.

Cutting Tree With Chainsaw
Trimming And Sawing Big Oak Tree By A Man With A Chainsaw

The longer these stay, the more problems may cause to you later on. In case you cannot remove these on your own, you will have to ask for the professional help, especially if you are dealing with the larger trees that grow high above the ground.

The damaged trees

The storms and hurricanes can damage these greatly and even break them apart, which is definitely a sign of needed help. However, the storms do not have to damage this significantly so these cannot recover.

But if it happens that your trees get damaged, the best thing would be to call the professional service so they can assess the damage and address the recovery. They will be able to tell you whether you should keep these to recover or you should remove them and plant the new ones. Just make sure you call the experienced crew.


If you see leaning, it is very likely that the tree is damaged by the storm or a strong wind and that it requires pulling out. When it leans, the tree is in a high risk of falling, which can damage the property or even kill someone accidentally.

Using Professional Chainsaw
Husqvarna Chainsaw Cutting Tree

Still, do not mix this with leaning while a breeze blows as this is a normal thing. Leaning without the wind is something that should worry you and something that you must address as quickly as possible. You do not want to put yourself and your property in risk.

Signs of sickness

This is probably the hardest way to spot the problem as in most cases you cannot see anything from the outside. It may happen that you notice the external problems like problems with leaves or tree, but in most cases, you do not see anything until you cut it a bit to see the inside.

For this reason, it is a good practice to call the professional service to check for it once in a while just to make sure that it is healthy. If they agree that it is sick, have it treated if possible. If not, remove it right away.