Tree Trimming Workwear Safety Tips

Tree cutting is hard work that you must complete carefully, especially when working on the heights as you might fall down and hurt yourself. In addition, you work with power tools like chainsaws, trimmers and electric cutters and therefore the danger of getting hurt is not that small. So, how can you improve your safety while trimming? Well, there are few tips you should not forget when performing this job and one of these is getting the right equipment, which you can get at by the way. So what are tips that can increase your safety?

Have the right gloves

First of all, you need gloves and we are talking about high-quality gloves, not the cheap ones that you can buy for a couple of dollars. Since you will hold branches and tools, you need the ones that use good material that prevents slipping, as well as pinching.

Have the right gloves

The leather ones should be the perfect for the work, as they give you a stable grip and fantastic protection against the possible injuries. The injuries might include tearing your skin by the sharp wood and branches in most of cases, though the chainsaws and trimmers might cut your hand as well. In any case, try to find those that are padded, which ensures extra grip and comfort, as well as protection.

Eye protection

Eye protection is one of the most neglected things in every job, since people tend to avoid this for some reason. You must protect your eyes from branches, dust and debris that might fall from trees! Workers often tend not to wear the glasses as it may reduce sight in some cases, and also because of the feeling that you have something on your face.

Still, when cutting and trimming woods, it is very likely that a piece of wood could fly around and end up in your eye. This not only stops the work, but also puts you in the risk for your own health. Never start trimming if you are not wearing protective glasses!

A proper pair of boots

Yes, boots are an important part of protective gear, whether you work in a factory or you are cutting the trees. Just as an example – you are standing near the tree and you cut off the branch which falls down and hits your foot.

A proper pair of boots

If you were wearing a pair of slippers, the damage and injuries are the inevitable parts. If you were wearing the proper protective boots, nothing would happen. You never know when something might fall off and hit your foot. It is recommended to buy a pair that has a strong grip and if possible, a metal part that protects your toes.

A helmet for head protection

The same story as with the previous piece of equipment. Your head could easily get hurt if something falls down from the tree and hits you. The first thing is that is likely that you will off from the ladder or a platform. Even if it does not hurt you and you just fall down, it is almost 100% of chance that you will hit the ground with your head.

The good protective helmet will definitely protect your head!